Putting together all the pieces.

Understand your customers through unified data.

Customer experience

Analyze how your customers interact with your products to gain insights and optimize your customer experience.

Capture every touchpoint.

Understand every aspect of your customer's experience.

Your customer data is one of your most important assets, as it is crucial to build the understanding required to drive innovation and growth. The data is way too important to leave in the hands of someone else, and let their limitations dictate your use-cases.

There are many good providers, but all have their pros and cons – some are excellent for understanding how users interact with your site, but cannot capture mobile interactions; some are able to capture data from every channel, but not all datapoints crucial to your business.

Burt Data Cloud helps you capture every event relevant to your business to build the comprehensive dataset required to get the full picture. Using our enterprise-grade data collection platform, we connect the data from the tools you already use and make sure that there are no untracked interactions.

Starting from our predefined datamodels, we tailor the dataset for your particular business and load it into powerful BI tool – either using your existing solution or leveraging one of our many partners – to facilitate the democratization of the data by putting it into the hands of everyone working with growth or innovation.

Own your data

You own the relationships with your customers, and you should take ownership of their data. Only then can you make sure their privacy is respected and not let your providers limitations limit you. Using Burt Data Cloud's data platform, you get full control and transparency of everything from data collection to distribution.

Discover your different customer personas

Compare how different personas interact with your products to better understand what drives who.

Understand and improve LTV

Connect all revenue streams to create a comprehensive view of your customer's lifetime value –and detect patterns to help minimize acquisition cost and churn rate.

Understand the true value of every relationship.

Customer journey

Engage the right customers in the right way based on where you are in your relationship, to maximize their experience and value.

Identify your most profitable channels and audiences.

Spend your money where it makes the most difference.

Today's marketing landscape is more complex than ever – with a multitude of methods and channels through which to engage your customers and prospects. Many of these are so called walled gardens, which won't allow you to get data about your customers. While this might be a good thing in certain aspects, it makes evaluating and comparing marketing channels close to impossible.

Customer journeys are spread across multiple, often isolated, channels these days making identification and attribution a particularly gnarly problem. How do you calculate the cost of acquisition (CAC) when users might have been exposed to multiple campaigns in multiple channels before conversion? And even if you knew the CAC, how do you estimate the total expected lifetime value (LTV) of a customer?

Burt Data Cloud helps you collect and connect data from the entire customer journey – including offline transactional data, user behavior events, and ad revenue – to build a complete picture of how much customers cost to acquire and keep and how valuable they are to your business. This allows you to compare audiences based on LTV and activate and engage the ones who drives the most value.

Know your customers

Become smarter by understanding which channels, products and behaviors are most valuable for your business.

Find more high value customers

Focus your marketing efforts on attracting high LTV customers by modelling audiences based on your best existing customers and avoid wasting resources on customers likely never to become profitable.

Choose channel and audience by ROAS

Knowing the LTV of your audiences and in which channels to engage them, makes it possible to maximize the return on ad spend (ROAS) in either the short or the long term when planning marketing initiatives.

Make your marketing stack data-driven.

Data activation

Leverage all of your data across your entire marketing stack to empower each of your tools with the latest information – enabling consistently personalized marketing across all channels.

Capture. Define. Activate.

Let your data work for you.

Many marketers struggle with data in some way – there might not be enough data to evaluate different initiatives or there might be too much data spread across too many services to conceivably make sense of.

Working in a data-driven marketing environment means you're basing decisions and allocating budget based on data, then accurately capturing and measuring the effects of new initiatives, and finally updating the data to repeat the process. To be able to iterate fast, you need correct feedback fast and you need to be able to act on that feedback fast.

Burt Data Cloud helps you close the loop to leverage the full potential of your customer data, by making sure your data is always up-to-date by connecting all your marketing channels with your data sources.

This allows you to create audiences based on the latest data from every system – from ecommerce to your home-built spreadsheet CRM – and seamlessly use these audiences in every marketing channel – from social to email.

Rely on data, focus on results.

Build better audiences

Don't let technology get in the way of defining your most relevant audiences – connect data from CRM, email marketing, offline, and ecommerce and let your imagination set the limits.

Keep your lookalike audiences up-to-date

Are you using Facebook's lookalike audiences to find new customers? We help you keep them fresh by automatically syncing them with your CRM to make sure they stay relevant and keep you from spending a cent on users who have already converted.

Quit executing in the dark

By connecting marketing channel data with transactions, we make sure you can keep track of ongoing campaigns to verify that your investments are yielding the desired outcomes.