Analytics services that scale.

Engineering Sprint

Implement and set up integrations – from tracking to ETL to data warehouses and BI tools.

Analytics Sprint

Build powerful models based on your raw data and facilitate reporting, monitoring, and analytics.

Custom Project

Tailor your solution over a series of engineering and/or analytics sprints.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a sprint?

A sprint is an equivalent to two weeks worth of work. The difference when hiring a single consultant the same amount of time, Burt Data Cloud offers access to a fully dedicated team with 9+ years experience of building customer data platforms.

What do I get from a single sprint?

Before engaging with us, we always talk through the deliverable of the sprint(s). The goal is to always have a scope tight enough to get deliverables that can clearly show business value.

What does a typical sprint look like?

A typical first sprint includes scoping, data integration/data modeling and prototype setup. Depending on the number of data sources and the complexity of your tech stack, it's easy to add sprints to ensure every relevant data point is captured to solve the whole problem.

I don't have all the tools I need, can you help me?

Of course, Burt Data Cloud provides point solutions for the three fundamentals Data Collection, Analytics, and Activation as well as making recommendations to the best in class partners as complements of, replacements or additions to your tech stack.