Unlock the potential of your customer data.

Burt's customer data platform connects all your data sources to help you create a unified view of your every customer's entire journey, which can be leveraged whenever or wherever you engage your customers.

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Our solutions.

Burt Data Cloud works with a wide range of solutions within customer data – from privacy to marketing to analytics – and have many years of experience from working with some of the largest media companies in the world.

Customer experience

Customer experience

The devil is in the detail when it comes to customer experience and product analytics. You need to be able to trust the data behind the decisions – which requires comprehensive data capture that you're in complete control of.

Customer journey

Customer journey

Customer journeys span over many channels – from social to web to offline – which have to be stitched together to build the complete picture necessary to optimize your customer's experience and value over their entire lifetime.

Data activation

Data activation

Activate your customer data where you need it, to create consistently personalized interactions with your brand across all channels. Work seamlessly across platforms with everything from audiences to analytics to build a truly data-driven marketing stack.

Our products.

Burt Data Cloud offers a set of point-solutions – which together forms the foundation of our customer data platform.


Different use-cases means different requirements, and 5x9 provides the tools to meet them all – remove noise, transform the data to fit your needs, and identify your users across all channels.


Lifetime collects data from the entire customer journey – including offline transactional data, user behaviours event and ad revenue – to help you become smarter by making you understand which channels, products and behaviours are most valuable for your business.


Supercrowd helps you build better audiences by making it easy to connect website, marketing and customer data, all in one place. Activate these audiences by connecting your marketing channels to Supercrowd – to make sure you can reach any audience in every channel, allowing you to reach your customer's where they are.

Pricing packages.

Engineering Sprint


Implement and set up integrations – from tracking to ETL to data warehouses and BI tools.

Analytics Sprint


Build powerful models based on your raw data and facilitate reporting, monitoring, and analytics.

Custom Project

At request

Tailor your solution over a series of engineering and/or analytics sprints.